VOCAL MASSAGE TRAINING UK is one of the only educational providers in Vocal Massage and is committed to excellence and high standards, ensuring all graduates are fully equipped to safely and effectively alleviate symptoms of tension in the voice.

VOCAL MASSAGE is a staple in any performing artists diet and is often administered by a performance massage therapist or vocal coach. Vocal Massage can be delivered in a clinical setting, coaching setting or in a performance setting for artists that are in need of other maintenance tools to keep their voices in peak condition.

VOCAL MASSAGE uses massage, Myofascial Release and soft tissue manipulations to free up the musculature around the larynx and vocal tract so that phonation can be produced more freely and easily than before the intervention. This means it has become ever popular within the communities of London’s West End, Broadway and with touring actors and artists all over the world.

VOCAL MASSAGE can be responsible for dealing with chronic pain/dysfunction in the vocal tract such as, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, or Muscle Tension Dysphonia (when administered as part of a multidisciplinary team of a Speech Therapist and Consultant Surgeon).

The protocol that you will learn has been developed over years of research and practice and is fully Harvard referenced, with excellent RCT (Randomised Control Trial) studies showing the safety aspects, and clinical efficacy of this work.

This Pain Free VOCAL MASSAGE is all based around best serving the complex processes of the Vagus Nerve, and how a parasympathetic nervous state could be an integral, yet missing part of modern medicine. The 55 page course handbook is jam packed full of the manoeuvres, Vocal Health insights and practical anatomy for you which fully supports this course.